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Colostrum Immune GUARANTEED AMOUNT OF IMMUNOGLOBULINS (MIN 60%)Colostrum is a unique natural bioactive substance causing the strongest regeneration of the human body. It consists of more than 250 natural substances such as growth factors, hormones, enzymes, polyamides, nucleic acid derivatives, derivatives of aminoacids and other.
1. COLOSTRUM IMMUNE is an entirely natural dietary supplement of a new generation belonging to the nutraceuticals - substances whose consumption benefits human health as well as the rehabilitation process more than does a normal diet.
2. COLOSTRUM IMMUNE is an immunized (strengthened) form of bovine Colostrum. It is aimed at strengthening the human immune system. Each portion contains no less than 60% of immunoglobulin (antibodies).
3. COLOSTRUM IMMUNE has been processed through lyophilisation (freeze-drying), thanks to which it retains 100% of growth factor bioactivity, that of immunostimulating protein as well as of bacteriostatic substances. In order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the treatment, the tablets have been coated with a special layer allowing them to dissolve in thesmall intestine, as opposed to the stomach, as is the case with other tablets of this kind.
4. COLOSTRUM IMMUNE has been created in line with the full pharmaceutical regime – its properly selected ingredients reduce the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. It has been tested for purity and for the presence of harmful substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, steroids as well as genetically modified substances.
5. COLOSTRUM IMMUNE, out of regard for those allergic to cow protein, has been especially deprived of fat, casein, whey protein as well as cores of high molecular weight.Safety of use of COLOSTRUM IMMUNE COLOSTRUM IMMUNE was developed in strict compliance with the full pharmaceutical regime. Its appropriately selected components minimize the occurrence of allergic reactions. Additionally, especially for people particularly allergic to proteins of bovine origin, the preparation was devoid of fat, casein, whey proteins and nuclei with high molecular weight
COLOSTRUM IMMUNE WAS DESIGNED FOR: kids, elders, people in a period of increased activity, sportsmen
COLOSTRUM IMMUNE – immunized (strengthened) form of the natural Colostrum Bovinum, i.e. one of the rarest natural substances that, at the same time, has one of the strongest impacts. It is a unique product in its class. Colostrum Immune is a new-generation dietary supplement belonging to the group of nutraceuticals or substances whose ingestion brings about health benefits to an individual. Colostrum Immune is a sterile powder that, thanks to a special acquisition procedure and a patented cold treatment technology, guarantees the biologically active, best and fastest assimilability of the product.
One of the first Colostrum pills worldwide, with gastro-resistant coating and the content of antibodies (immunoglobulin igG) at least 60%. Thanks to such an application method of Colostrum, the attained effectiveness of absorption is a few times higher than in the case of capsules.
Indications for use: weakness, chronic fatigue, stress, periods of convalescence after chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bacterial and viral infections of air passages and the alimentary tract, problems with the metabolism of fats and sugars, autoimmune ailments, neural degradation diseases (Alzheimer’s, MS), tissue regeneration and reconstruction, elimination of skin problems (allergies, eczemas, skin changes, staphylococcus efflorescences), period of convalescence after surgeries, accidents, strengthening of the chondral and osseous systems as well as hair and nails, in problems associated with transplantology.
Security policy: The main component, i.e. Colostrum: - was collected from animals fed no antibiotics, steroids or genetically modified feed. - was specially processed to guarantee the retaining of it's natural bioactivity and the full concentration of germicidal, and fungicidal substances as well as immunostimulants, - it's purity and the content of dangerous substances such as pesticides or heavy metals were tested in an independent laboratory specializing in Colostrum testing.
All the other components of the tablet have appropriate analytical certificates. COLOSTRUM IMMUNE is an extremely rich source of growth factors not existing in any other form in any other natural substance in the entire world of nature.
Some of them include: - EGF epidermal growth factor - IGF insulin-like growth factor - FGF fibroblast growth factor - TGF transforming growth factor - platelet-derived growth factor - NGF nerve growth factor and many other unique substances.
Content of COLOSTRUM IMMUNE: 1 tablet contains: Active substance: immunized Colostrum bovinum - not less than 60% of immunoglobulin IgG. Freeze dried. No casein. Bioactive. Excipients (tablet base): microcrystalline cellulose – bulking agent, crosslinked sodium carbomethylcellulose (carrier), magnesium stearate – anti-caking agent. Tablet coating (gastro-resistant): shellac (component of the coating) Talc (component of the coating) PVP (component of the coating) Vegetable oil (component of the coating) ammonium bicarbonate (component of the coating) xanthan gum (component of the coating)
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