Diabetegen Aids in tissue regeneration Use: Diabetic foot, ulceration, acne, bed sores, very strong dry and rough skin moisture, reduction of skin keratosis and tendency to cracking, relieve the feeling of itching.
Product intended for: for diabetics, the elderly, quicker wound healing, bedsores, acne, acne scars, seborrhea, scars, decubitus ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, psoriatic skin inflammation, burns, frostbite, irritation and damage to the epidermis, hemorrhoids.
AWARDS Main Award - Nurturing dermocosmetics - The Diabetica Expo 2011 Main Award - The best diabetological product - The Diabetica Expo 2012 Main Award - Nurturing dermocosmetics - The Diabetica Expo 2013 Main Award - The best diabetological product - The Diabetica Expo 2014 Superproduct 2014 - The best cosmetic for body and foot care Main Award “Hospicjum 2015” - The best cosmetic for patients in palliative care Main Award - The best cosmetic - The Diabetica Expo 2015 Superprodukt 2015 - The best cosmetic for body care Main Award “Hospicjum 2016” - The best cosmetic Main Award - The best cosmetic - The Diabetica Expo 2016 Superprodukt 2016 - The best cosmetic for body care
Scientists and doctors, who recognized Diabetegen cream as the best cosmetic for slow-healing wounds for diabetics and patients in palliative care: Barbara Mirkiewicz-Sieradzka, MD, Ph.D. Jacek Łuczak, MD, Ph.D. Danuta Perek, MD, Ph.D. Danuta Sońta-Jakimczyk, MD, Ph.D. Irena Ponikowska, MD, Ph.D. Jacek Sieradzki, MD, Ph.D. Czesław Wójcikowski, MD, Ph.D. Roman Cichoń, PhD Marzena Samardakiewicz, PhD of Medical Sciences Zbigniew Bohdan, PhD of Medical Sciences Wojciech Madziara, Doctor of Medicine Elżbieta Szymańska, Doctor of MedicineJacek Chojnowski, Doctor of Medicine Wiesław Jundził, Doctor of Medicine Jerzy Jambor, Dr. of Pharmaceutical Sciences Andrzej Bauman, MSc - The President of PSD Beata Stepanow, MSc
DIABETEGEN - OBSERVATIONAL STUDIESPAINFUL, FESTERING HERPES After 2 days of using Diabetegen cream herpes began to recede and the pain was reduced. After 7 days - very good condition – the scab was visible in the photo.INFLAMMATION IN THE NAILFOLDEven after one week of applying Diabetegen cream the improvement is already visible. After two weeks - total elimination of inflammation. DIABETIC LESIONS: CRACKED HEEL Serious wounds and skin cracks on the heels were completely healed after 4 weeks of applying cream Diabetegen. DIABETIC FOOT: NON-HEALING WOUNDS Despite the advanced state of non-healing wounds after two weeks of applying Diabetegen cream there was a radical improvement in the feet condition. DIABETIC FOOT: CRITICAL CONDITION Critical condition of feet was resolved after two weeks of applying Diabetegen cream. There was a very significant improvement in skin condition and quicker wound healing. ACNE SKIN LESIONS After 8 days of treatment with Diabetegen cream one can see a significant improvement in skin condition.
DIABETEGEN - AIDS IN TISSUE REGENERATION DIABETEGEN – a cream for tissue regeneration – a new generation of dermo-cosmetics supporting tissue regeneration. Thanks to a high content of lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and colloidal silver, it is excellent in the purification of the background, adjusts the bacteriostatic environment and has a strong germicidal impact. A high content of growth factors stimulates the development of new tissue. Additional components such as allantoin, Panthenol and vitamin E support the healing process and alleviate inflammatory lesions. The cream is recommended by the Polish Association of Diabetics and the Polish Podology Association. The winner of the 1st place at the Diabetica Expo 2011 fair in the category of “Cosmetics”. Properties of the cream: helps in the healing of wounds and skin regeneration, restores the correct pH value of the skin (cream pH 5.78), has the bacteriostatic and germicidal impact, alleviates irritation, reduces skin itching, checks the epidermal keratosis.
1. DIABETEGEN is a derma-cosmetic of a new generation that aids in the regeneration of skin that is problematic, weak or prone to injuries. 2. DIABETEGEN owes its effectiveness to its main component, which is the highest of quality Colostrum - the rarest as well as the strongest natural substance occurring in nature that stimulates the body to self-regenerate and to improve its natural immunity. Aiding substances include Allantoin, Panthenol, Colloidal Silver and Vitamin E. 3. DIABETEGEN thoroughly cleanses the base layers of the skin and regulates the bacteriostatic environment. All of this is possible thanks to such natural substances as Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, or Ionic Colloidal Silver. 4. DIABETEGEN has been created without the use of any artificial preservatives, fragrances or derivatives of petroleum whatsoever. Its very simple composition reduces the risk of topical allergic reactions to a minimum. The preparation process guarantees 100% of growth factor bioactivity preservation - priceless for skin regeneration. 5. DIABETEGEN has been dermatologically tested. It is recommended by the PDA (Polish Diabetes Association).
Safety of use: This product was produced without any artificial preservatives, flavours or petroleum derivatives. Its very simple content minimizes the occurrence of local allergic reactions. Its main component is Colostrum. Diabetegen was specially processed to guarantee the retaining of the natural bioactivity and the full concentration of germicidal and fungicidal substances as well as substances supporting the healing process. The purity of the cream and the content of dangerous substances were tested in an independent laboratory specializing in Colostrum testing.
Content: Active substance: bioactive Colostrum bovinum. Key excipients: allantoin, panthenol, colloidal silver, vitamin E. full content (inci): aqua, penthylene glycol, glyceryl stearate, colostrum bovinum, cetearyl alcohole, cetylpalmitate, panthenol, octylstearate, decyl oleate, glycerin, tocopheryl acetate, ceteareth-20, ceteareth-12, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, triethanolamine, allantoin, carbomer, soluble collagen, c.i. 77820 (silver)
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