Colostrum is a bioactive substance and requires special attention in order to maintain it's high quality and most importantly - its repeatability in each subsequent batch collected.

With the growing popularity and awareness of what colostrum is and how amazing its properties are, we have noted an increasing number of poor quality preparations available on the market, without any quality parameters or guarantees of origin.

Skipping the highest quality standards means that colostrum as a natural substance can be completely worthless and may not be fully used in supplements or cosmetics.

In order to ensure the highest quality of raw material, Genoscope together with the Institute of Research, Applied Sciences and New Technologies in Warsaw, introduced the [GENO]COLOSTRUM quality mark. It guarantees that the colostrum which products contain is completely safe and meets the highest quality standards. Owing to such parameterization it is possible to ensure the highest quality and maximum use of this fantastic substance.

What does [GENO]COLOSTRUM guarantee?

1. It guarantees that colostrum is collected at the best moment after delivery, owing to which it has best possible quality.

2. It guarantees that colostrum is collected without any harm to calves.

3. It guarantees that colostrum is collected from healthy and selected cows, and does not contain any harmful substances - in particular antibiotics and salmonella.

4. It guarantees that colostrum is collected only from herds in the European Union and Switzerland. This eliminates the risk of contact with other bacterial flora occurring in countries where breeding standards are much lower and not as strictly observed as in the case of Genoscope.

5. It guarantees that colostrum is collected from many different herds, which ensures continuity of supply and maintenance of its highest quality. If only one herd was used for that, these criteria would be very difficult to meet because each time we collect colostrum from animals, it is different. Additionally, in the case of a disease outbreak occurring in a given herd, there is a serious risk of the virus getting into the collected substance. Owing to the [GENO]COLOSTRUM procedures of collecting colostrum, this risk has been completely eliminated.

6. It guarantees that each collected and selected batch of colostrum undergoes independent laboratory tests and before it is used it receives an independent quality certificate, that is, Certificate of Analyse.

7. It guarantees that each time [GENO]COLOSTRUM is used in a given product, its quality is the highest and repeatable.

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